Taylor Wimpey

Who We Are

We are one of the largest homebuilders in the UK, operating from 24 regional offices across England, Scotland and Wales. In 2011 we legally completed 10,180 homes.

We build a wide range of properties, from one- and two-bedroom apartments to five bedroom detached houses, with a broad price range including both private and affordable homes. We are truly national and we cover most regions across the UK. Our regional businesses are run as local homebuilders and have in depth knowledge and experience of the local market. We understand that development is about more than creating homes and we provide millions of pounds worth of infrastructure, for example roads, sewers, landscaping and community facilities, every year across the UK. We aim to develop vibrant communities with a true sense of place that fit into their surrounding area and meet the needs of local people.

We are a responsible community developer, committed to working with local people, community groups and local authorities and keeping them informed about our work, both before we build and throughout the life of the development. We focus on getting the basics of homebuilding right first time, such as quality, customer service and health and safety, and we aim to continually improve all parts of our business.

We understand the importance of sustainability, providing strong, vibrant and healthy communities while also protecting and improving the natural, built and historic environment. We assess the effects on the environment of our building processes and the materials we use. We build new environmental methods and technologies into our schemes and provide social and economic benefits through good urban design. We introduce local employment and training schemes, and consider the legacy of the development at an early stage.

We have a broad and extensive experience in selecting land and building homes in the UK. We work with subcontractors chosen for the standard of their products and services, and take pride in building homes of the highest quality. Our construction process is safe, efficient and cost-effective, and aims to keep the effect on the environment to a minimum. We are passionate about working with local people, businesses, local authorities and our customers to build aspirational homes within sustainable communities.

Please visit us at www.taylorwimpey.co.uk